Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy Eating Beans

I'm sorry that I haven't taken the time to blog this past week. I've been busy eating all those beans! Actually, I have had a hard time adjusting to being back at work after nearly two weeks off - made worse by my need to work today - Friday - when I've gotten so used to being off every Friday. So, while I've been getting back in the swing of things, I've also been busily creating items for my Etsy store. I promised Michele that I wouldn't just keep making items and perfecting the store design and never open the actual store, so I have decided that I will have my grand opening when I have 10 items ready to sell. I have 8 done now, so the grand opening is looming in the near distance! I'll keep you posted.

I also harvested another batch of beans. The purple ones are again the most prolific of the three. From the first batch, I snacked on the green and white beans raw and stir fried up the purple ones - they do turn green when cooked! I think for dinner tonight, I might french cut and saute some purple beans and serve them up with cous cous and some bbq tofu or a veggie chick'n cutlet - yum yum gourmet!!

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