Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Temperature Change

I have been freezing since returning from Georgia. I flew into Buffalo yesterday where it was 57 degrees - it had been 97 the day before in Columbus, GA! It's in the 60s in Rochester and I just can't seem to get warm. Michele is actually home for a little while now, too (it didn't work out with her driving partner, so, since they happened to be in Connecticut, our wonderful friend Becca gave her a ride home to figure something different out.) Before Connecticut, she'd been in 130 degree weather, so I'm sure Rochester feels cold to her, too! Rita says it was cold and rainy while I was away, but there is no evidence that the lower temps affected the veggies in the garden. The tomatoes, hot peppers, and beans are growing like crazy! There are actually vegetable-shaped vegetables growing in the garden! I know that sounds crazy, but it just surprises me every time I look out there and see real vegetable-looking things out there! I cannot wait to eat something - I just need to 1. figure out how I'll know when things are ready to be harvested and 2. figure out exactly how the harvest them when they are ready.

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  1. we have our little garden and we've got a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers, but most of my garden is dedicated to herbs, and it's awesome to be able to go up on the hill and harvest some fresh herbs for whatever it is i'm cooking for dinner. i like herbs for that reason. it's much harder to wait for the actual veggies *smile*



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