Monday, July 27, 2009

Secret - Keep it Hush Hush!!

OK, I've been whispering to Michele about this for a couple days now and I thought I would share it with the rest of you, but you have to keep it on the down low - I don't want the squirrels to find out!! I have two nearly red tomatoes!! One is very orange red and the other is a bit lighter - more of a yellow-orange-red. Gloria has encouraged me to pick them and let them ripen inside - away from the squirrels - but I decided to take a risk and let them ripen on the vine. So far, so good. Oh boy, I hope Squirrel Nutkin doesn't read my blog! OK, never mind letting them ripen on the vine, I think I will pick these two when I get home. I just can't live with this kind of pressure!!

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