Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ripe for the Picking!

While Ann was over, I showed her our veggie garden and she mentioned that the garden beans were ready for harvesting - and that some were so ripe they were about to go to seed! That was Friday, but I was so busy that I didn't get to harvest them. Well, I had dreams about the beans all night and woke up at 6am Saturday morning very afraid they had all gone to seed over night, so I went out in my jammies and harvested some beans! They are really beautiful and there are so many of them - and more to come throughout the summer! I have burgundy, white, and green beans - though mostly white and burgundy. The white and green ones are really tasty raw, but the burgundy ones need some cooking and seasoning - I read that they turn green when cooked, so we'll see. I snacked on beans all day yesterday and will throw the rest in a stir fry for dinner for the week. From the rate of growth on the bean stalks, I think garden beans will be a regular staple in my diet for the rest of the summer - probably for the rest of the year, too, because I'll be freezing some. It's a good thing I like beans!

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