Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fruit Tastings - Day Two

On this the second day of my fruit adventure, I tasted baby coconut, green mango - the one as big as my head, mango, sugar cane, golden kiwi, and two different baby bananas. The bananas, kiwi, and sugar cane are my favorites. The kiwi is so different from regular green kiwi - which I don't like. It's another indescribable flavor. I really enjoyed both the bananas, too. The smaller, yellower one was incredibly sweet and intensely banana. The larger, whiter one was so moist and creamy. You really had to bite it - it had a lot of tooth to it. Sugar cane was really surprising. It's really juicy, and, of course, sweet. It's like chewing on sugar water-soaked straw - an activity I enjoyed very much! Both of the mangoes were very tart - the green one was very under-ripe, as it was supposed to be. The other mango was just a bit under ripe, so that accounts for it's tartness. Now, the baby coconut was just wrong! It felt like I was eating thin slices of lard. It had such an awful texture that I could not get over. I wanted desperately to spit it out, but I muscled through it and actually chewed and swallowed the whole piece - much to the amusement of Daddy and Gloria. The taste was not that bad, though - much more delicate than a full grown coconut, which surprised me. I thought it would be more intensely flavored than it's fully ripe counterpart, as was the baby banana, but it was quite delicate. I also drank some the the juice from the baby coconut - it's clear, like water. I thought it would be sweeter. I followed both the flesh and juice with a chew of sugar cane to erase the flavor. I'm glad I tried it all, though! It was a great adventure!

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  1. Hmmmm... you are a brave soul. LOL I would've def spit it out. You're too nice!



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