Sunday, July 19, 2009

Traditional Michelle

I received this beautiful dress in the mail yesterday from Gloria in Georgia. I decided to wear it to church today, but, because it was a little chilly, paired it with a similarly colored scarf I'd received a few years ago from friends. After church, I met a friend at my favorite coffee shop and one of my favorite guys who works there said, "You look lovely. Is that the traditional dress of your people?" I couldn't help but laugh because I thought to myself that I have no idea what the traditional dress of "my people" is, but this is quintessentially the traditional dress of Michelle. I often throw two and more seemingly divergent things together and it always seems to work - at least in my head it all works.
I try to be like that with my art work, too. As I make things that I'd like to sell in my shop, I've been trying to think of items that scream Michelle, things that are a little off-beat and, of course, colorful. One of my favorite things, so far, is this set of quilted thank you cards with a veggie-themed twist. The thank you cards say "Thank you veggie much!" on the back, which just tickles me every time I see them. I think I need to make a set for myself and just never send them to anyone. They, like my outfit today, are traditional Michelle.

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  1. chelle I love your cards. They are so amazing. You are very creative. I love that about you.



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