Friday, January 29, 2010

They're Baaaack!!

Migraines. I had them as a kid and they have returned to torture me as an adult. My doctor refused to perform an in-office brain-ectomy yesterday, but did give me a good plan of attack and some great meds to help. She recommended that I spend the day resting in a dark room, which I know is pretty typical advise and should have been pretty easy. When I got home from the med center, I realized that was harder than one would think. There is not one room in my house that has 1. no windows through which light floods or 2. drapes/blinds/shades that can be drawn to darken it. So I made due by laying in Michele's workout room - figured the bright blue walls with the sun glowing through the orange curtains would be better than the BRIGHT yellow walls and sunshine in the bedroom. Even when Rochester's gray, if there's snow on the ground it is bright! Maybe I'll buy a shade or two for the future.


  1. Michelle, my head hurts in sympathy. Thankfully, I have not had migraines but have lived with those that do and they are no fun. I hope you feel better soon. Relaxation techniques like a little deep breathing or visualization have helped sometimes. Take care.

  2. you could have gone down into the basement. it's the only room in our house that's dark during the day. we don't really have darkening window coverings, either.

    glad you're feeling better, though :)



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