Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As I mentioned in my last post, my goals for this year are many, but this week I am focusing on flossing (baby steps), which I am finding great success at: Day three and teeth were flossed this morning and I have plans to do the same this evening.

Another of my goals was to make my shop official with the state of New York. Mission accomplished. I just got notification today that my application to accept NYS sales tax was processed and approved. The Quilted House is now official! Yippee!!

As I am on the subject of goals, I thought I would share with you a few of the funnier ones from the "do before I'm 40" list I mentioned yesterday. So in addition to my goal to have a fish in every room, I (at one point about ten years ago) wanted to:
  • Become fulfilled (hmmm? OK, I can check that one off)
  • Have the perfect craft room (mission accomplished - BIG TIME!)
  • Help people (not sure why I needed to put this on the list, but maybe it was a loftier goal than it sounds)
  • Take advantage of opportunities (I guess I hadn't heard of SMART goals yet)
  • Own a tub I can lay down in (OK, this is still a great desire - I'm 6 feet tall and when sitting in the original tub in our house from 1920, I'd settle for a tub I can stretch my legs out in!)
  • Know a lot about something (wow, really?)

Also on the list: Have fun. As you can see from the pictures of Michele, our Utah buddies, Cindy and Jeremiah, and me on New Year's eve, I can cross that one off the list, too!


  1. I love to read your blog Michelle!! Anne:-)

  2. I'm having some difficulty with the thought of you approaching 40. It seems like it was just yesterday I saw you squirt (literally) out of that warm place and entered this world.

  3. um, eww daddy!

    your goals sound very ambitious michelle *smile* i'm glad it was so easy to become legit w/ the state of new york. i have a feeling my journey won't be so easy here in pa...

  4. Funny, Daddy! LOL! I'm trying to imagine an almost 10-pound 2 foot tall baby squirting out of anywhere! And yes, I'm on the path to 40, but thankfully Joel and Kym are way ahead of me! :-)

  5. if there weren't ten people in that room waiting anxiously for your dramatic arrival (you decided to come out backwards), you would have landed on the floor.

  6. lol! What can I say? I like to make an entrance!



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