Monday, January 11, 2010

The Perfect Tissue Paper

Oh, how I ache, so to distract myself from my post-sledding bruises, I've been thinking about my decision to really embrace The Quilted House brand by using only the company colors in my wrapping supplies - I wrap most everything in tissue paper and tie it with a ribbon before sending to a customer. Well, The Quilted House colors are yellow, orange, and green (my three favs), so I usually use yellow or green tissue paper and tie things with a yellow, green, or orange ribbon (it's easier to find large quantities of yellow and green paper than it is to find orange unless it's halloween or fall!)

When I was digging through my tissue paper box to find paper to wrap the bookmarks I mentioned yesterday, I stumbled upon some paper that Michele had used for my birthday two years ago - yes, I save everything! It is absolutely perfect for The Quilted House: it's yellow, green AND orange, and has stripes of ribbon, buttons, rick rack, fabric, and other sewing items! Now, my fingers are crossed that 1. Michele remembers where she bought it; 2. they still sell it; and 3. it doesn't cost so much that the wrapping is more expensive than what's wrapped inside it!

My fingers are additionally crossed that 1. I will soon be able to sit comfortably on my bruised posterior and 2. I will soon be able to stand and walk erect as opposed to my current state which resembles the hunched stature of one of the hermit trolls from the old-school fairy tales.


  1. Hope your bruises heal quickly and you can walk erect again soon.

  2. Well, doing Zumba last night definitely didn't help the soreness, but the bruises are fading! Thanks, Maria!



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