Sunday, January 10, 2010

Charity In Stitches

By avoiding shoveling the snow, I've been having a lot of fun the past few weeks. I've been relaxing and playing in my craft room. I gave myself a few weeks off from making things for the shop and have been enjoying working on my pay-it-forwards (yes, they were due by the end of the year, but good things come to those who wait.) I've also been working on a flannel quilt for the bed in Michele's truck. It's so cute and I can't wait to finish it to show you all.  Another fun project is one that sort of benefits the shop, by getting the shop name out there, but really is all about the animals (not squirrels, rabbits, or ground hogs, though!)

Back in November, I found this Etsy shop, Vegan Craft Samples, that sells bags with 17-20 vegan craft samples and donates all the money from sales to an animal santuary or rescue program. I thought it'd be very cool to participate, so during my break I sewed up some very pretty bookmarks to be included in the Valentine's Day bags (on sale February 1st!) I had so much fun making them, but had even more fun wrapping them up! Oh, how exciting to send out 25 little gifts! The proceeds of the current bags and the Valentine's Day bags all go to the Pigs Peace Sanctuary, which rescues abandoned pigs from pounds and other shelters - most were abandoned after the pot bellied pig pet fad fell out of fashion (wow, try saying that 10 times fast!)

Flossing update: still on track, morning and night (even Friday night at 3 am!)

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  1. i was wondering about the pay it forwards...i'm glad they're still forthcoming. i need to do mine as well. one of these days...



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