Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun in the Snow, or, Oh How My Body Aches!

Although I complain, I really do love winter. I love the snow, think it's really beautiful, just don't like shoveling it or getting my car stuck in it at the end of the driveway. Today I embraced that love of snow and went sledding with some friends. There are designated sled trails at a park not far from my friend Sarah's house and her friend Dave has five sleds, so we were well prepared to have a ball! And, oh, how we did indeed have a ball. Now the only problem with sledding - ok, there are a few - is that once you experience the thrill of going down a huge hill, you, that's right, MUST COME BACK UP!! The first climb back up almost killed me! I don't care what kind of shape you're in, climbing up a massive hill is torture! And climbing up a massive hill after totally wiping out on your sled is inhumane! (Yes, of course I wiped out! This is me we're talking about here. If I survive an activity without injury I obviously wasn't playing hard enough!) It was really a blast, but after flying down the hill, going airborne, and landing, still on the sled, on the hard-packed snow on my butt jarring EVERY BONE in my body and still having to walk back up the hill, I was just about done! Then, however, we moved to what we thought was a less challenging hill, but looks were deceiving. Little jumps were built into the hill, but you couldn't see them from the top, and I went flying down and then flying up into the air, did a little in-air somersault and landed on my previously bruised posterior - and still had to walk back up the hill!! Oww! It was hours ago and I am still having trouble sitting and I don't even want to think about how I'll feel in the morning! But you know what? I'll go out again in a heartbeat! What's life without a few bumps a bruises, right?
This is my friend, Sarah. She's
a bad influence. She invited me
sledding and organizes our
Thursday football games! I blame
her for my pain!


  1. Your sledding sounds like so much fun.....apart from the bit about climbing the hill again. I have never played in the snow.

  2. Oh Michele it looks like soooooooo much fun sledding in the snow.Even the climbing up and bruises. You know I was only 4 when we left Holland and looking at your photos I can close my eyes and feel it. Beautiful,soft and cold.
    We go down the big sand dunes here on boards and the kids love it.

  3. It does look like fun. The sunshine is deceptive. It reminds me of Alaska. But don't even think about me going up there to join in the 'fun'. :-)

  4. Please send me the pictures. I hope you took lots of pictures.

  5. OOOhhh it does look like fun but wayyyyyyyyy toooooo cold! Don't know how you all can stand it. And the terror of sledding!!! No thanks. I'll stay in foggy, damp, chilly but snowless, snowman-less and non-sledding CA!

  6. I would really miss the cold and snow if I lived elsewhere, I think. If you can get out and play in it, it's a wonderful place to live - if you're stuck inside, it can be pretty miserable, though, so I play, play, play!!

    Daddy - I'll send the pics.

    Maria - How lovely that it reminds you of Holland! I've been in the springtime, but never winter, but i bet it's beautiful! Sand sledding sounds like a lot of fun - and of course a lot warmer!!



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