Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Auditioning Entertainment

After Teresa's heartfelt assertion that Enterprise is worth my TV watching time, I decided to stick with my plan and continue watching. It is definitely growing on me, but I find that I cannot watch three DVDs (12 episodes) in a row, like I would with TNG, DS9, or VOY. I can't even really watch one DVD straight through - I need a break after each episode. This wouldn't really be a problem, but I'm keeping each DVD for far too long, so I needed a new plan. To that end, I've been looking for something to mix in with Enterprise that will be a quick watch. After several suggestions from coworkers (and some strangers), I decided to audition Battlestar Galactica. I remember watching it as a kid (at least I think I do), so I hoped I'd enjoy it as an adult. Well, I just watched the first DVD (which I didn't realize was the four-hour pilot episode!) and I really like it. It's similar enough to Star Trek that it interests me, but not so much alike that I feel disloyal. The only thing I will need to get used to is that the new BG was a cable show, so it's a little more risque than I'm used to, but as long as my parents don't find out, I think it will be OK!


  1. Oh, now I feel kinda guilty making you watch Enterprise. It would have been hard to watch it non-stop. We actually watched it via TIVO in it's regular season. Recently have been catching TNT reruns on late night TV. The early ones. They are strange and little stilted. Michael Dorn was much more relaxed in later episodes. Riker is just a bit pompous or is that just me? Hope you find something redeeming in Enterprise! For me it was Scott Bakula as I think I've said before.

  2. too bad both your parents and your big sis ready your blog! :) and as long as it didn't come on skin-amax, it can't be too bad :)



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