Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowed Under

Snow hats on trash, compost & AC!

Wow, it has been snowing non-stop all week. I went to my friend Deb's house last night for pizza and a movie (though we talked so much that we never got to the movie), and when I went out to my car to leave (at 2 am!!) there was at least six inches of snow on my car! I got home and my driveway (which I've neglected to shovel or have plowed) was impassable! So, after narrowly avoiding getting run down by a snow plow plowing down my street (at 3 am!!), I parked on the side of the road and hiked up the driveway into the house. The snow in my driveway was up above the tops of my boots and I have to shovel in front of the door before I could get it opened! So, today I decided I needed to call my neighbor to get her plow guy to come over and plow my driveway. Michele and I had a guy, but we can't get in contact with him, so, for the past two years, we've called Rita and had a conversation like this:

Hey, Rita, do you think you could get your guy to come over and plow the drive again?
Well, I dunno. My guy's pretty busy. He's gotta lot to plow. You should be shoveling everyday like me to make it not so hard for him when he comes.
I know, Rita, but it's just too much snow for me to shovel. Can you ask your guy?
I'll ask him, but he's pretty busy. He has real customers and I don't want him to feel bothered. He's a good guy - I'd hate to lose him. You got too much snow - it's crazy - why'd you get so much snow in your drive? (as though it's only snowed on my driveway and no where else in the city!)
OK, OK, I'll do better next time it snows, just get your guy to come this once.

Of course it's all just a ritual - her "guy" is the friend of her neice's aunt's nephew's cousin, so he's related somehow and always comes and takes care of our drives when Rita calls. And heaven help us if we get someone else to plow for us: Who'd you get to plow? How much did he charge? That's too much! It doesn't even look like he did anything. You should have called me and I'd have had my guy come out! She just likes to give Michele and me a hard time to show she cares. Gotta love good neighbors and Rita's one of the best!


  1. That's hilarious. I'm still cackling!

    Hey the holidays completely came and went. Let's do food and/or movies soon!

  2. Sara's right...your conversation reenactment is hilarious.

    I won't tell you what the weather is like in not quite so sunny and a bit cold CA. Stay warm!

  3. Hei, I think we have the same weather!! Ìt`s not snowing , but it is freezing cold here. -20 C. It is terrible..... So I sit still, and knit and knit and knit...... Brr..... Anne:-)

  4. Well we have had divine weather here,just a little windy.It is the height of summer here in Aussie. I love your snow photos but realise it is difficult for you folk.

  5. the kids love it! too bad it's so flat in rochester or i'd send the kids up so they can sled in YOUR backyard. they could still build snowmen an make snowangels. up for a visit? :)

  6. We're actually having a ball - complaints aside, but I am a bit jealous of the Aussie summer and the CA winter! And, Kym, I should leave you with your belief that Rochester is flat and not mention the awesome sledding hills that I just came in from, because, though I'd love a visit, I just can't keep up with your kids! Rochester though is plenty hilly (though nothing like Pittsburgh) - I thought if I had to walk up the hill one more time today I'd die!

  7. If only we had come this week, then we'd be stuck in Rochester with you for sure! <3, Cindy



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