Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as Over-Organized?

I truly enjoy being organized to within an inch of my life. So much so that every Sunday I take an hour from my relaxation regime to make my lunches for the next week. I've always liked eating the same lunch everyday- in fact, if I change my routine to eat out or for some event, the day feels off and I feel hungry and unsatisfied - strange, I know! - and when I switch from my winter lunch to my spring/summer/fall lunch I have about a two week adjustment period to look forward to. Well, today as I was lining up the components of my next five lunches, I realized how pretty (and slightly crazy) it looked, so I decided to share it with you.

My body likes to be fed every two hours without fail or will make it's displeasure known, so I start my day with a smoothie (frozen strawberries, 1/2 a banana, strawberry soy yoghurt, 3 scoops of protien power, and Mango V8 Fusion). Then, I have a mid-morning snack of 10 baby carrots, which I quarter longways, dipped in spicy chipotle hummus. About two hours later, I have a salad. I have nothing against lettuce, but it plays a distant second fiddle to the rest of the goodies I put in my salad: shredded carrots (are you surprised?), scallions, apple, zesty sprouts, radishes, and red peppers. I put all those goodies in five individual containers and then as I'm packing each morning, I top off the container with romaine lettuce, spinach, and craisins. I don't add them until the morning because lettuce and spinach wilt and craisins bloat if they are added in advance. I take a little container of dressing and bag of crumbled baked tofu to top the salad just before I feast. About two hours after my salad, I have a cup of butternut squash soup - sometime I go a little crazy and have red pepper soup or spinach soup - I'm living on the edge! My late afternoon/pre-dinner snack is a cup of milk and a Kashi granola bar. Dinner can be whatever I want it to be, but I also make dinner for the week on Sunday and then divide it into five equal portions, and freeze any extra.

I get that it might sound a teensy bit controlling and a tiny bit, hmmm, let's say "over-organized," but it really saves me a lot of time and thought in the morning. That and arranging all five of my outfits and underclothes for the week, but I won't go into that.


  1. A lot of orange/yellow there but, hey, I'll take your lunches/snacks/organization any day. I love it. I would start the whole process with good intentions but somewhere along the line I'd get bored or forget or be out of one ingredient and throw off the whole thing. I admire anyone who can be so consistent and stay with color theme too!

  2. Well - if I was 1/2 as organized as you - hubby would be very happy :)

  3. You had me nodding enthusiastically (not that I do as you do, but I appreciate how much sense it makes) until you mentioned organizing your week of not only outfits but also undergarments!!

    what, no picture of the smoothie?


  4. my therapist would be making multiple notations during this session. um, can we say OCD? :)



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