Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blocks of Glass

I will likely never spend this much time talking to you about windows, but I am incredibly proud of ours at the moment. Michele and I have wanted, for the five years we have lived in this house, to replace the basement windows with glass block windows, but one thing and another always diverted our money elsewhere. It was finally the right time and I took today off to have it done. Oh, what a difference! I think they are just gorgeous and the basement is now so very bright and, well almost, cheerful! This is actually our first tradesperson-done home improvement project we did because we wanted to, not because something was broken!

The only thing I thought I would not like was that to install the windows, they needed to remove the sills and trim, which, besides the awning, front door, and a little trim on the sun porch, was the last of the green on the house. Losing this made me sad because 1. the house is WHITE and I may have mentioned that I LOVE color, 2. if we get rid of any more of the green, the big green awning will look odd, and 3. it's St. Patrick's Day and removing green seems sacrilegious. But, now that it's gone, I find I don't miss it at all! Our next tradesperson-done home improvement project is to get the house resided and, you guessed it, it DEFINITELY will NOT be WHITE!!! I think I have Michele convinced that yellow would be divine. And, I'm not sure if driving an 80,000 pound truck down the highway was distracting her, but when I said, "These windows make the basement so bright and cheery, now let's seal the floor and walls and paint the floor orange and the walls a bright, cheerful yellow," she said "OK, that sounds good!" I only wish I'd recorded that!


  1. Orange had to be in there somewhere! According to my English/Welsh/Scottish/Irish Grandma, orange and green don't mix well so taking off the green trim makes way for painting the floors orange. I love those glass blocks! They are beautiful.

  2. Love your new bright window. Let the sun shine in. Well done!

  3. Bravo! The new windows look great! Deb



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