Thursday, March 11, 2010


When Michele first went on the road a little over a year ago, I had a few good friends who I still adore and am in contact with, but I've never been one to have hoards of friends, or want to. As I look back over this past year, I am amazed at the number of new friends I've made and how much closer I've gotten to the friends I had previously. Starting this blog has connected me to so many wonderful people who share my interests. Starting my shop connected me with even more and has been a fun way to have a better relationship with my sister. Even being lonely at home has had its benefits: it's made me reach out more to friends and get out of the house to do things. And in addition to being fun, my friends help me be accountable. For example, the group of Etsy friends who are challenging me and each other to list an item a day in our shops, or the friends who read my blog and wonder where I am when I don't post for a few days (sorry about that!). I am so grateful for the new appreciation I have for friends and for each and every one of you! You all are the best!


  1. Hi Michelle!! You seem to be a very good person!! and a great artist!! And I enjoy your blog, following it from the other side of the world..... Anne:-)

  2. What a sweet post :) I certainly look forward to reading your blog. And I also noticed that you've had a BUNCH of new sales recently. Congrats, and that one listing a day regimen must be working for you!

  3. thanks, michelle! i'm glad that we've become better friends lately. and i hope you know how much i value your friendship and your opinions :) i'm glad you my sister :)

  4. It is cool to have met friends through the blog-o-sphere with whom I share an interest. I love reading blogs and yours is one I always look for each day hoping you have posted. I have enjoyed getting to know you and learning about the carrots and squirrels in your life. I also appreciate your comments and suggestions on my blog. The only thing missing is the chance to meet at the coffee shop down the street or better yet the fabric store around the corner.



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