Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Doing Another Show...I Hope

I hope to do another show - actually I planned to do five this year, but think I will likely do three - and I am crossing my fingers that I will be selected. This will be my first JURIED show! I'm a big grown up girl now! For those who may not know, a juried show is one for which I need to submit a portfolio of my work, have it judged, and that judgment is the basis of my admission (or non-admission) to the show. (OK, remind me that I'm a big girl if I don't get in!) the show itself sounds really cool: MayDay! Underground Arts + Crafts. It's an indie arts & crafts show that will feature lots of cool vendors and live music. It really sounds like fun and it's on May Day - the first day of my birthday month, so it seems like fate!


  1. GOOD LUCK! you're fabulous and they'd be idiots not to take you! :)

  2. What Kym said! I admire your courage and hope you are accepted and have a great show.

  3. I just marked it on my calendar - that's how confident I am you'll get in!! - Deb



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