Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Beautiful Weekend, or How Many Ways Are There to Consume Tea?

This has truly been a gorgeous weekend. The sun shined constantly yesterday. This morning, our pastor said that when the sun is out so consistently in Rochester, we all become like sunflowers, raising our faces to the warmth and slowly turning our bodies as the sun moves in the sky. There is truth in that statement. Today after church I started my day of rest and relaxation with a yummy sandwich and a good book on the sun porch, which was bright and warm. Soon, I couldn't resist turning my face to the sun, shutting my eyes, and taking a nap with the sun beating full on me and melting away the winter chill...which lasted for about an hour, at which time I awoke freezing because the clouds had come and, in winter, when the sun is not streaming into the uninsulated sun porch, it is quite cold! Oh, but it was lovely while it lasted.

Being chilly is actually a good lead-in to the rest of my plans for the day: my rendition of High Tea! This afternoon/evening, I plan to take a long soak in a tea bath while enjoying a pint of Haagen-Dazs Green Tea ice cream. After which I will lay in bed with a little plate of Vanilla Green Tea sandwich cookies and a wonderful pot of mango white tea. And I am off to enjoy and hope that you have the chance to turn your face to the sun and enjoy the day, too!

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  1. Tea & sunshine - sounds like a great day. My time in the sun today was spent chopping up the remains of a wind blown tree so not quite as relaxing but the warmth of the sun felt wonderful. Love the sound of the geen tea cookies.



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