Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Six Inches is About Six Inches Too Much

I wish this post was about the snow, but no, it's about the ankle deep water I found flooding our basement when I got home from work today. Just lovely - the kitties had to take a canoe to get to their litter boxes! Our hot water heater decided it didn't want to function properly anymore - it probably heard me talking to my dad about how we planned to buy a new one with our income tax return. Now, besides the pesky water there were two issues with the basement being full of water: 1. I tried every shut off valve I could find and only the MAIN SHUT OFF valve worked to get the water heater to stop spewing water, so I am currently unable to even flush the toilet right now (wouldn't be a good idea to visit me tonight.) And 2. I've sort of neglected to do the laundry for a few weeks, but yesterday I gathered it all and sorted it, guess where. Yes, you guessed it: on the basement floor in front of the washer and directly in the line of fire (or line of water, but you get what I mean.) I'm hope, hope, hoping that they're not ruined. I have about four weeks of clothes, so if three weeks worth are ruined that's really going to make it hard to class it up at work.

Now, I'm not one to wallow in self pity, so I thought I'd share with you what I'm grateful for today:

1. It's just the basement - I'm still sheltered and warm.
2. My friend Deb cancelled our dinner plans tonight (because she had a plumbing problem so maybe it's contagious?) so I got home when the water was only at 6 inches - imagine if I'd come home late tonight!
3. My morning smoothie was extra good today - I decided to add banana and it put it over the top.
4. As I was shopvacing out the water and hauling out sodden boxes and ruined appliances I found a brand new pair of gardening gloves - still in the bag! Very exciting!
5. Michele comes home tomorrow - she took a load to Florida, got stuck in the bad weather in Georgia, so hasn't been home for a few weeks, so this will be a treat.
6. The basement is more organized - got rid of all those boxes and storage - it was just taking up space!
7. I don't have to clean the kitchen - no water is an awesome excuse for a messy kitchen.
8. I'm getting a new hot water heater!
9. I was super productive at work today (which is good since I need to take tomorrow off to deal with the hot water heater!)
And 10. Well, I have my health. Oh and the Olympics is on! What fun!


  1. Yikes! So sorry about the flood! I've had that happen before, too. I'm so glad you have a positive attitude about the whole thing.

    Here's another thing to add to your list:

    11. Your package arrived safely today, and I just love everything in it! You'll definitely be getting a mention on my blog tomorrow :)

  2. Oh no!! This was not good, and to much!! Good luck whit everything!! ( I have been true excactly the same some years ago!!) Not funny....AnneK:-/

  3. Oh, no, I'm so sorry that happened - especially to your clothes - but you handled it well! I got my sink unstopped but not the bathtub, so obviously there are bigger issues. Like you, though, I'll look on the bright side and realize it could be a lot worse!

  4. >>>I'm getting a new hot water heater!

    If you have hot water, why do you need to heat it?

    It is a water heater that provides hot water.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.

    If it was a leak in the tank, turning off all valves would not stop the water until the 40 gallons drained from the tank. So sorry for you. There is nothing worse than plumbing problems (well there maybe not the worst but pretty close).



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