Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My sister, who granted is self-admittedly insane, has really wanted a snuggie. Well, on our bead shop/fabric shopping expedition today, Mum found her one and bought it and we all had to pose in it. Below marks the beginning of our family modeling career. The last picture is my sis, nephew, and neice conflated in the snuggie - like three peas in a very ugly leopard print pod! And, if you'd like one of your very own you can make it yourself! I found this pattern online. Enjoy!


  1. i may be insane, but i was wicked warm all night in my snuggie! i'll be using it this winter in my craft room so i don't have to use my space heater! *smile*

  2. Your nephew and niece are gorgeous!

  3. LOL OMG too funny! Did they have the Pet Snuggie pattern too???

  4. anyone who knows my girls knows that they can talk me into anything that's what happen they forced me to wear that snuggie. I would never wear a animal print WITHOUT SHOES TO MATCH LOL
    this weekend was the best birthday I could of asked for spending it with my 2 girls that I love so much the icing on the cake was seeing my 2 beautiful grand children and spending some time with lil Chele and talking to Joel on my birthday. I am a very lucky woman

  5. Hi I love this snuggie!! The rain in Oslo today was nearly snow!! Wintertime......
    I was visiting friends in Kuala Lumpur, and I had a wonderful time.... I guess you could see that from my pictures!? But now I`m back in normal daily life.....Back to work here in Oslo too, non traveling I know about....But that`s ok. You did not sign up for the Fall Swap?? I was looking for your name!! But I guess you have enough work with your Etsy-Shop?? I love the frames!! I`m glad you got the pattern!! You will manage to do that!! AnneK:-)



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