Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As promised, I am back today to tell you why I was so excited yesterday. Remember, I teased that I had won something and hadn't won something else and I was excited about both? Well, first for the thing I didn't win: the Nature's Quilt contest. Now, why am I still excited? Well, because I didn't lose, either! I entered my first contest ever, nine people voted for my quilt, which thrilled me, and some really awesome quilts won, so I don't count that as a loss at all!

OK, now on to what I did win: A Blog de Oro (Blog of Gold) Award!! My first blog award EVER!!

This lovely golden award was graced upon my blog by Audrey of Audrey's Country Crafts. You should really check out her blog, too! (Hint, hint: in addition to featuring some really great artists and her own very beautiful painted treasures, she does GIVEAWAYS!!)

Now, I think this award is really cool for two reasons: It's international. Take a look at Audrey's blog to find out who gave it to her and you can trace the award all over the world - I went as far as Bucharest! How cool is that!

And for the second cool thing: I get to award it to TEN other blogs!! You know how I love to give things away, right? And my burgeoning list of the blogs I follow is insane! So here goes in no particular order:
  1. Quiltefia
  2. Roam Mania
  3. Sewing Trials
  4. Trials and Tribulations of Being a Working SAHM
  5. Charlotte's Cottage
  6. Buenahelena
  7. A Second Look
  8. Bookish Worm
  9. Life on the Block
  10. Canton Village Quilt Works
Now, there are several blogs I wish I could include, but couldn't fit into the ten. And there are a few that you would think I would include, but didn't (namely Michele's blog and the other two blogs I write for in addition to this one), but I only included ones that are updated regularly (which Michele's isn't) and that I don't write for (how fair would that be?) and that I knew were for public consumption. Congratulations to all!! And everyone else, please check these ten out - they are well worth the time!!


  1. Thank you Michelle, your so sweet!!! I really laught when I read your post today!! Your knitting pattern are ready to send, but I have to go to the post office..... I haven`t forgotten it. Anne:-)

  2. Oh thanks Michelle, I've never won a blog award before. It is encouraging to know that people actually read my inane ramblings.

  3. Thank you Michelle. I do enjoy blogging and it is so nice to get an award when I am very new to it.

  4. whoo hoo! thx michelle! and i think i've done much better lately about updating my blog more regularly *smile*

  5. Hey I forgot to say this, though it's probably evident: If you've won, to accept just copy the image, paste it in a blog post, and select the 10 blogs you think should receive it next. Sort of a PIF blog award. Congrats!

  6. Michelle, THANKS!!! As others have commented, it's nice to know that someone is reading and enjoying. Now I have to do some thinking to figure out who to pass this on to.

    Congrats on the Nature quilt! There were some BEAUTIFUL quilts in that contest - stiff competition to go up against.

  7. Thanks so much for accepting the award! Off to check out the 10 blogs you picked!



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