Thursday, October 1, 2009

Opinions Wanted!! and Wherefore Art Thou, Audrey?

I am so hoping to get your opinions on something. As you know, I run a shop called The Quilted House. Well, as part of an effort to promote both my shop and other shops, I want to start giving a free gift with purchase. I'm starting it with an awesome jewelry shop, Just Ice Jewelry. She's giving her buyers quilted jewelry bags that I've made and she's given me some beautiful earrings to give to my buyers. To make her beautiful jewelry flow with my shop, I decided to create a theme around my free gift with purchase. It will be a rolling feature promoting a different shop each time. Something like: Grab Bags featuring Just Ice Jewelry. And then next month Grab Bags featuring Heavenly Creations PGH. The "grab bag" will be a lovely little quilted bag made by yours truly. OK, so I've got the general concept in my mind, I'm just not sure how to implement it. That's where you come in:

  • First, what do you think? I figure everyone likes to get something free, right?
  • Second, do you think it should be with every purchase? Just Ice Jewelry is giving her gift when a buyer purchases a certain style of jewelry. My friend Buenahelena is doing a Halloween themed free gift with any Halloween purchase. I was thinking doing it with everything, or do you think I should do it for a certain price point - like, free gift with any $10 or greater purchase?
Thanks in advance for your opinions!!

OK, in a totally unrelated note: Monday I announced that Audrey won the Fall Celebration giveaway. Audrey, Audrey, wherefore art thou, Audrey?? I haven't heard from her, so this beautiful wallhanging has been languishing in my craft room homeless and sad. Audrey, if you are out there, please contact me to claim your prize before Saturday. I'll draw a new name on Sunday, so don't delay!


  1. how could she let that beautiful wall hanging languish unloved, cold and unwanted? *smile*

    btw, you may want to check out my blog cuz there might be something of interest for you *smile*

  2. and i think it should be above a certain price point. are you doing unlimited bags or a set number, like the first 20 ppl get a free gift or while supplies last?

  3. OOOOhhhh Audrey better hurry 'cause the rest of us are still in line and I for one wouldn't hesitate to snatch that quilt. Those colors still make me happy.

    On the free gift - I think it should be based on either a price point or a certain type of item. Reward those customers who are willing to spend a little more money.

    I have been window shopping in RNEST Etsy shops the last few days planning out some holiday gift purchases. I know I would appreciate a freebie but wouldn't expect it on relatively inexpensive items. Just my "2 cents."

    Glad you are feeling better!

  4. Here I am!! Did you try to email me? I haven't received anything letting me know I won!
    This is amazing! Will convo you right away!

  5. Oh - my apologies to everyone who was hoping I wouldn't notice that I won! LOL



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