Friday, October 9, 2009

I Produce While the Garden Lays Dormant

Though, as I mentioned yesterday, my garden did not produce many zucchini or green peppers and now lays dormant, I have been very productive lately. I made these beautiful bookmarks for a very nice lady to give to the ladies and gentleman in her church prayer group. When I was taking pictures of them for my records, I thought that I should write about them and share the pic with you. I think they came out really well! Each one has a cross and the recipient's initial on front and a scripture written on the back. I hope they're a hit! They were so fun to make I think I will whip some up for the my fellow choir members at church!


  1. I am sure the ladies and gentlemen will treasure them, well done Michelle

  2. really nice michelle! i like the individualization of them :)

  3. Michelle, this is a great idea i love it! I bet you'd do well with those and just good quotes in general!



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