Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Alive!

Hello all! I am alive. I survived the roller derby clinic . . . by not going! Ha Ha! Actually, there was so much going on this weekend with Mum's visit and Michele's hometime and us trying to get Michele's new truck outfitted, that I didn't look at the derby website until Saturday night . . . at which time I realized that I needed to have purchased all the pads and gear needed for roller derby! So, the decision not to attend was sort of made for me, but they have another clinic in November, which I am hoping to attend. Of course, the more I delay, the more time I have to think myself out of trying it! We'll see.

The three of us had fun this weekend even without the derby clinic. Michele and I cleaned her truck and stocked it on Saturday and Sunday and then Mum and I saw her on her way. Thankfully, with this new company, she'll be away 5-7 days and then will be home. Good times!

On an unrelated note, my local Etsy team is hosting the mother of all giveaways on our blog. We'll be having seven weeks - that's right, seven - of giveaways starting this week. You can enter this first giveaway here. And make sure to come back for every week! My week is next, so be sure not to miss it!

In an effort not to be too loquatious tonight, I will simply leave you with this picture. I'm sure it needs no caption.


  1. LOVE that red!!! WOW!! Certainly won't miss that one but I wouldn't want to drive it! I have trouble manuevering the pick up truck with the little teeny boat trailer on it. That's gotta take some skill!

    I'm sorry you missed the roller derby clinic (I think!). It sounds like it would be fun to try but kinda scary too. But better to have tried and suffered a bit than to regret not trying...then again...broken bones are no fun. If you do decide to go be sure to get pictures!

  2. I'm sort of glad you missed the roller derby. I'd hate for you to be hurt and if you're safe and sound at your sewing maching hopefully no harm will come to you. I know I'm a wooss.

  3. You had a busy fun weekend and I am kinda pleased you missed the roller derby.

    Does your RED truck go faster Michele??

  4. Great truck! Love the color :)
    To bad about the roller derby clinic, but at least they are having another one. Make sure you take pictures.
    Thanks for the heads up on the give aways - maybe I can win another one of your amazing quilts! LOL



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