Friday, October 16, 2009

Funnies & Feature

Ever since I announced that I am on a mission to become a roller derby girl, I've gotten a lot of encouragement, a lot of strange looks, and a lot of hilarious comments. I thought I'd share my three favorite funnies with you:
First, my mom. I said, "Mum, one neat thing is that the "Fresh Meat Clinic" is happening the weekend you'll be visiting, so you can come with me." She responded, "That sounds great - first I'll take you to the roller derby clinic, then we can head to the medical clinic!"

Next, my dad. He called be at an abnormal time (normal time is our weekly 7am Saturday call) so I answered rather anxiously and, with no preamble, he said, "If you get hurt doing this roller derby thing I'm gonna come up there and break both your legs!" (Well, that would keep me off the football field AND the roller derby rink!)

But, I think the funniest of all was Tina's response to my post about choosing the roller derby pseudonym of Sojourner Ruthless: "Just make sure you don't turn into Sojourner Toothless!"

All so funny!! I can't wait to get out there and give this thing a try!

On an absolutely unrelated note, Audrey, the lovely lady who won my Fall Celebration giveaway, has given me a feature in her most recent blog post. You should definitely check out Audrey's blog, not just to read about how much she loved the fall quilt, but because it's an awesome blog and SHE DOES GIVEAWAYS!!


  1. Your dad's comment sounds so much like a dad! I can still hear my dad saying, "If you fall out of that tree and get hurt, I'm going to paddle you within an inch of your life." Okay...logical...but my reply, "What happens if I fall out of the tree and don't get hurt?" Don't use that reply....that gets you smacked for being a smart-aleck.

    Have fun with the roller derby.

  2. Teresa - hilarious - that's just what I was thinking when he said it! And "if I'm already hurt, wouldn't breaking my legs further injure me and defeat the purpose??" Just like the famous "if you fall off that_________ and die, I'm going to kill you!" :-)

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog!! Still love the quilt! Getting everything ready tomorrow to hang it up. WOOHOO!!



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