Friday, April 24, 2009


One of the benefits of my job, that I rarely take advantage of, is the opportunity to work at home, or W@H. Well, today I decided to do just that. It was a beautiful day, so, around 11 this morning, I decided to set myself up outside and enjoy it. It was great. Listening to the birds, watching the groundhog dig up my neighbor's yard, and feeling the warm breeze just made the day a treasure. AND I got a lot of work done. It was a real treat, but not without a price. I paid the piper in the form of a fall down my concrete back porch stairs resulting in a very sore foot, baby toe, and bruised anbd swollen knee. I made an additional contribution by stepping on some kind of thorny weed - my foot still tingles from that one as I don't think I got all the stickers out. But, I must say, the day was well worth the price. I just might wear shoes next time!


  1. only you, michelle *smile*. you're so willow-y, that you'd think you'd be graceful, but...*smile*

    i hope everything heals okay *smile*

  2. I love being outside. I'd work outside if I could, but I don't have work at home days like you. At least I have a big 8th floor window.



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