Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Did It!!

Well, today I accomplished the impossible - two impossibles to be exact. With some over-the-phone coaching from my dad, and only a little screaming, on my part, I moved Michele's car from the garage. I can't really say I "drove" the car out of the garage, as driving denotes at least a modicum of control and it certainly felt like I had absolutly no control over that car!! But, I did move it out of the garage with no injury to me, the car, the garage, or to my car (thankfully, I managed to stop Michele's car before it became intimately acquainted with the front grill of my car!). Michele had backed her car into the garage, so it made my, and my dad's, job easier, but we both decided it was not a good idea for me to either back the car back into the garage or to try to turn it around and drive it forward into the garage.

My second amazing feat was the mowing of the lawns - both front and back! After the excitement with the car, I almost decided to retire to my room for a nap, but I persevered and actually mowed the grass. It really wasn't very hard at all! I do have to admit that when I finished I took to my bed for a brief nap. Hey, after moving a car and mowing two lawns (front and back count as two, right?) I deserved a little snooze!

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