Monday, April 20, 2009

Recovery and New Agenda

I am well on my way to recovering from the flu. My energy level is still low and the cough is still hanging around, but I otherwise feel well. While I was sick I had a lot of time to think and finally feel like I have a handle on all of my responsibilities with Michele away - took me long enough, right. I've just really been struggling to fit it all in. But I discovered my problem - I'm crazy. I'm rarely in the mood to clean, but when I am I take it to the extreme and burn myself out. For example, the week before last, I was in the mood and ran around like a whirling dervish and cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, except the kitchen, which was the one room that needed it the most. Another example is this weekend. Again, I was in the mood to clean, so I polished the oven door, but didn't clean the stove; washed the kitchen windows, but not the dishes; groomed one cat (I have three, remember); changed the sheets, but didn't pick up the dirty dishes on the bedside table; and washed down the bathroom walls. That's right - I washed the bathroom walls and didn't clean anything else in either bathroom. So, I came upon this incredibly complex and convoluted concept: focus on one chore every day. Just one, not weird bits and pieces of a whole bunch of chores. Just one a day and the house will always be managed. Well, today is day one, so I'll let you know how it goes. One good thing is that I can check "bathroom wall washing" off my list for the week!

On a slightly unrelated note, I just this minute learned what a "whirling dervish" is. I always thought it was an animal related to the Tasmanian Devil. I don't think I could be more wrong!

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  1. of course, since you didn't provide a definition, i had to look it up myself, and you are definitly not a "whirling dervish" *smile*. but it does conjure up the appropriate image *smile*



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