Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Things We Notice When We Finally Notice Things

Michele and I have lived in our house for four years in July. Our counter tops have always been the same: white with a pale gray random all-over design. Well, for nearly four years now I thought the gray lines were just random squiggles. I took a good look at the counters today and realized that those lines are not random at all. There are little fish and boats, harps and other harp-like instruments, what looks like peace signs, flowers, butterflies, and lots of other little line art images. I am amazed that I never noticed any of this before. It got me to thinking about what else I may be missing, what other things have I not noticed that are right in front of me? So I decided to be more observant of the things around me. Of course, I already get pretty distracted about little details and think that is why I am so clutsy (for example, I was distracted by the way the sun was reflecting off the fur of the groundhog in my neighbor's yard last week when I fell down the stairs), so maybe being more observant isn't such a good idea.

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