Friday, August 27, 2010

Featured Square, Week Whatever: CORN!

One of our lovely ears of corn!
Yes, corn! We were so excited when we saw the first ear of corn pop out. We'd just had two ladies on two separate occasions tell us that we wouldn't be blessed with corn because we "didn't plant the seeds right." The said, "corn will only grow if planted three rows by three rows." They both said the exact same thing and do not know each other, so we believed it must be fact. Well, fact or not, we have about 30 ears of corn growing wonderfully in out garden! We haven't tried any yet, but there are a few ears that will be ready when Michele comes home next week and try them we will! SO EXCITED!
I love the look of corn stalks in the garden...and I
love it even more that there are ears of corn upon them!


  1. Lucky you!! How fun!! I have grown corn ones. In 1997-99 my family lived in Athens, Greecs and I had 2 or 3 plants in the garden... In oslo I never tried, to cold.... Have a nice weekend!! Anne:-)

  2. It's true... you have to have 3 rows. You are obviously mistaken... that can't be corn. Are you sure it isn't carrots?

  3. Your garden is looking so beautiful.I like corn.



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