Monday, October 4, 2010

Accidental Hiatus

Well, I've accidentally taken a five-week hiatus from my blog. Life has been so good, but so busy! Well, to make it up to you, over the next five days, I'll share five things I've been doing over the last five weeks.

1. Picking peaches - OH SO FUN! I picked two baskets of peaches and had a ball doing it!
A tisket, a tasket, lovely peaches in a basket . . .or two

The trees were full of beautiful fruit
2. Canning peaches and making peach butter. I brought home a lot of peaches and was very excited to try my hand at canning them. Well, peeling that many peaches took FOREVER - I tried dipping them in boiling water and then slipping off the peels, but that didn't work for me. But I canned bunches the day I picked them and the next day I made the rest into peach butter. YUM!

freshly washed peaches

Pretty cans of peaches lined up like soldiers
3. Auctioned off two quilted wallhangings at my church fundraiser - fun and a great cause!

I really loved making these and watching the ladies go ga-ga over them at the auction!
4. Took some "before" pictures of my bathroom. You may recall that when Michele went out on the road I ripped up the floor. . . and then never touched it again. Well, I've been working with my beloved handy lady Lisa Golden to renovate the room.
The bathtub doubled as a landing pad for the paint and supplies

Bathroom sans vanity and toilet - can you really call it a bathroom?
5. Began the weeks-long effort of painting the "bricks" on the embossed wallboard on the lower half of the bathroom walls. I think by color #2 I was cursing myself for thinking of doing this. By color #9, I was no longer on speaking terms with whoever's bright idea THIS was.
First pass with colors 1-6
More on the past five weeks tomorrow! Thanks and it's great to be back!


  1. I'm so glad you are alive and well and busy. Can't wait to see the finished paint job. I can see why one would be just a little stressed with that many colors in a small space. Just curious, did you use the frog tape?

    Love the quilts you made for the church auction. So glad to have my own hanging on the wall. Take care.

  2. Hello!! I`ve missed you!! Glad to hear that life has been good!! Peaches can I just dream about!! Or by it in the store....... Lucky you. And what a paint-work in your bathroom!! Sometimes it is easy to start something that turn out BIG....... Look forward to hear more!! AnneK:-)

  3. i think peach butter would make a great Christmas gift. *hint* :)

  4. Glad to hear that life has been good!. I honestly believe yours is one of
    the best blogs on the web.



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