Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vacation: Day Four: The Gift of Song

Mum and me about to leave for service. Isn't she PRETTY!!??
On this fourth day of vacation, a Sunday, Mum and I gave a special gift to the pastor of Michele's and my church. It was his birthday and Mum and I sang a song together for him after his sermon. We've sung together once before - well technically many times before since we sung in the church choir together when I was a kid, but this was only the second time in my grown-up years. Our pastor and every church member who has met Mum adore her and get so excited when they know she's coming into town, so there was a lot of anticipation for our song - Rev. Jim had requested a song and announced that we'd be singing one the week before! We concluded the song, Swing Down Chariot, to rousing applause - our church is SO loving - and then spent the rest of the day being lazy: napping, reading, and drinking tea! We'd earned a rest after the previous day's appling!


  1. How lovely to be able to sing with your Mum.
    I'd love to hear a little vidoe posted on your blog.

  2. So where is the link to the audio file?



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