Friday, August 13, 2010

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Making vanilla ice cream for the first time
I'm not sure how I keep forgetting, but since April, I have been making ice cream about once a week (I don't eat the whole quart in a week. I have about 6 in the freezer at a time so I can choose from a variety). Small batches of creamy dreamy ice cream. Oh, it's been so fun! Michele and I made vanilla together when we first got the ice cream maker - it was wonderful. We even made some the morning of my birthday brunch to have atop the blueberry stuffed french toast - so decadent!

Yummy bowls of vanilla - Michele's fave!
My favorite flavor so far is sweet potato. I know it's a bit unusual and not at all a standard flavor, but it tastes amazing! It tastes simply like sweet potato, but icy cold. It even retains its sweet potato texture. Michele does not at all enjoy the sweet potato - in fact of all the flavors we and I have made, she really only likes the vanilla.

Jack Fruit ice cream
Tied for favorite in the exotic ice cream category is Jack Fruit! I brought a bunch of Jack Fruit home with me from Georgia and used most of it to make the most amazing ice cream I've ever had. Since Jack Fruit has flavors of several other fruits, Jack Fruit ice cream has a flavor that is uncatagorizable. Michele actually conceeds that Jack Fruit ice cream is very good, but she doesn't like the aftertaste. I admit that it does indeed have an aftertaste, but to me its like getting to enjoy the deliciousness twice!

Sweet potato &
chocolate chocolate chip sweet potato
And because I am me, I am going to make carrot ice cream as soon as my carrots are ready to harvest. I've found several recipes online (I guess carrot is a popular Thai ice cream flavor), but I'm not quite happy with any of them. I think I will make up my own recipe: Carrot ice cream with crystalized ginger chunks. I imagine it will taste like ginger glazed carrots (but cold.) I'll keep you posted. And now I think I will have my after dinner bowl of ice cream - Jack Fruit tonight!


  1. Homemade ice cream is such a treat. We used to make it a lot as kids but never such exotic flavors. The most out there we got was probably pineapple. Carrot ice cream sounds a little out there for me but maybe with ginger it might work.

  2. i agree that sweet potato ice cream is really yummy. i don't make it any where near as often as you cuz it's so much easier to just buy it! right now my favorite is turkey hill double dunker
    mocha ice cream swirled with chewy cookie dough and crunchy chocolate cookie swirl. SOOO yummy! i think i'll go have a bowl right now :)

  3. You're so creative - with ice cream, as with everything!

  4. I came across a recipe for Lemongrass-Vanilla flavored ice cream in Readymade magazine a few months back. ( )I haven't tried it out yet, but it sounds tasty! I've become a fan of lemongrass this past year (mostly in tea form) and I have some growing in my garden.

  5. Your blog is always fascinating to read. Homemade ice cream is such a treat.IT is very taste and sweet.



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