Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fire and Ice

While I was sick, I looked through the pictures I've taken this summer - I missed my garden so much, but "flipping" through the pictures made me no so sad that I couldn't go out and play. Well, while looking through them, I found two images that I took while Michele and I were in Georgia. It was hot, hot, hot. It had been 107 the day before we got there. The day after we arrived, we drove to Atlanta and I took this picture that morning:
100 degrees at around 10 am! WOW!!
And then later that day, I noticed this car and thought 1. what a great juxtaposition against the heat and 2. the person whose car this is must feel even hotter than Michele and I are feeling!

An Alaskan in Georgia in the summer heat

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  1. My youngest son was back in Virginia/Maryland/Pennsylvania during that heat wave. I don't think he will be leaving CA again any time soon. It has been a really cool summer out here. I think Russia is getting all our heat. I would like a little - just a little - heat before fall comes around again. Hope you are feeling better



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