Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birds, Birds, Birds!!

Bald eagle - see how
she eyes me!
This weekend, in addition to the fun I had at our church picnic, I went to a fabulous craft show at the Braddock Bay Raptor Research Center. Yes, that's right, I said RAPTOR. It was fearsome at first because at the very first booth was a display of birds of some sort - living ones that were not in any sort of cage. I hurried by and the rest of the show was lovely - full of wonderful crafters whom I know and adore. I was about to leave when my friend Casey, whose bird I've actually held and petted, said "Oh, why don't you stay to see the eagles." And I said, "well, that sounds like a really good reason to leave." But I stayed, oh boy did I stay. And I swear those HUGE birds eyed me the whole time - and they are bred to kill and eat, so I think it's completely understandable to fear them! Those talons and hooked beaks look just perfect to peck my eyes out!

She's looking right at me hungrily,
don't you think?
Golden eagle - staring me down
I'm so proud of myself, though, for staying and being in a very small room with two very big birds. I mean, I'm afraid of little birds that eat bugs and worms and have no interest in people. It's uncommonly crazy to be that close to birds that are actually MADE to eat meat and that are probably strong enough to at least rip off an arm. Baby steps to facing my fear (actually, I would consider this a great big giant leap, which should satisfy my quota of fear facing for the decade.)


  1. Gorgeous eagles. I saw a couple of Wedge tailed eagles soaring over the desert last week when I was away. Such magnificent birds

  2. LOL. I was thinking when the guy was talking about how the eagles sharp beaks can bite the heads off their prey..."Oh, I bet this is REALLY helping Michelle's fear of birds!" ;)
    Glad you were able to face your fears! (Hey, my table was next to one with the HUGE BIRD SPIDER! So I dealt with some fear too!)

  3. I'm so glad you were able to stay and watch the eagles, they're so majestic. I heard you squeak when the golden eagle flew off the man's hand. Casey and I were both very proud of you for staying!! :D



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