Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brrr, Its Cold or Getting Up Before the Furnace

I wanted to be at work by 5:00 this morning so that I could leave by 1:00 (to get Michele - yippee, she's home for Christmas!!) and not need to use any vacation time. It wasn't really an issue getting up at 4:00 until I got out of bed and realized the furnace hadn't woken up yet. We have a programmable thermostat which gets the furnace started around 5:00 so that the house is toasty warm (OK, not toasty exactly, but it's all relative) by the time I get up at 5:30. Getting up an hour before the furnace is not a good thing to do in my house where hearts are warm, but floors, walls, air, hands, heads, and other extremities are COLD, even when the furnace is full steam ahead!! I think this morning was the first time I've ever been excited about leaving the house to get in the car where I BLASTED the heat! Oh, and I've just realized that when I get home today, the furnace will not be expecting to bring the temperature up to human comfort (again, it's all relative) for a few hours - that's why the beautiful HOME TODAY button comes in so handy! (Of course, when I have days off, it always takes me a few hours of cold and complaining of cold and hot tea and extra socks and my house scarf, hood, and craft room gloves before I think "Oh, that's right, the thermostat doesn't think anyone's home. Let me hit HOME TODAY . . .right after I finish carving this ice sculpture in the front parlor.") [I do have to admit that the coldness in my house is not my furnace's fault - we have a beautiful new furnace that would like to work harder than I allow it. I keep the heat low to build character (ok, ok, I admit it, it's really cuz I'm cheap, but it sounds better to say it's character building !)]


  1. Cold is definitely relative! I did not want to get up this morning either but I bet my house was warmer than yours and we don't run the furnace - at all. We can get away with this cause we live in CA but some mornings like today when it's in the 40's it's really hard to roust oneself out of from under those covers. I do sympathize with you and am ever, ever so glad to not be there!

    Glad Michele will be home! Have a great Christmas and best wishes for a happy, prosperous, joyous new year.

  2. Hello!! Merry Christmas to you!! From AnneK:-)

  3. how funny! isabelle asked me the other day if i was going to bed cuz i had my "bed hat" on. oops! maybe it's time to ask christopher to turn up our thermostat :)

    i'm glad michele's gonna be home for the holidays. i like this new job much better than the other one (and i'm sure you do too!) :)

  4. I hope you and your family have a Very Merry & Relaxing Christmas!



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