Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dry Run

Oh, boy has today been busy! My final push to prepare for the show. I sewed NOTHING today - told myself that if I didn't get it made last night it wasn't getting made (as a consequence, I stayed up VERY late last night!) Today, I focused on making the table tents for my prices and product information, printing tags (because the ones I ordered won't be here until Monday), and do a dry run for the set up of my table. My dear, wonderful, patient friend Deb came over to help me and lend me her creative eye. She helped me arrange the table, put together the two racks for bags and hot pads, and then - bless her heart - tied ribbons and tags on all my coasters and hot pads! Such a great help she was!! I just finished packing everything up and putting everything in a central location so that packing the car tomorrow will be quick and easy. Now I'm going to reheat some pizza, lay on the guest bed, and watch some Star Trek - I'm pooped!


  1. have a great time tomorrow! i'll be sending positive energy your way for a happy and prosperous day :)

  2. it was entirely awesome :) Crosses and voodoo dolls included.

  3. LOL! Sara, I'm so glad you came out! My friend Bridget won the cross, but Michele and I joked that we should pretend Toby won it just to mess with you! Such a fun day!



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