Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Behind!! YIKES!!

Well, I forgot that we had our annual congregational meeting at church this weekend, so I've gotten behind on my schedule for the show this coming weekend! YIKES! I have a contingency plan, though. Michele was home Sunday, so she went through all my completed items with me and helped me determine what is a "must make" and what is a "make if I have time." I'm a bit off target on my plan to have everything completed by Wednesday, but that will work out, I think. I had planned on tagging everything on Thursday, but it looks like my tags won't be in until Friday, so that works out just fine. I built in a cushion on Friday by taking the day off, so I think I'm still safe! Fingers and toes are crossed!


  1. you make me laugh, michelle :). you'll be fine. you've got more than enough merchandise and you'll have a great time at the show. just try to relax and don't over-think and over-plan. it's not gonna work out the way you think anyway -- life never does :)

  2. I know, I know, but not over-planning is just anti-me! If I can't plan it to death it doesn't feel like I've worked hard enough!



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