Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Days

We had a nice dusting of 2 to 3 inches snow followed by freezing rain today. I love the snow, but, as a sane individual, HATE freezing rain! Freezing rain over snow is such a bear. But, I cannot complain. Michele is stuck - yes, literally stuck - in Wisconsin. She pulled off the road when the weather got really treacherous and stopped at a rest stop and now her truck is stuck in about 4 feet of snow and it's still coming down. I'm just glad she's somewhere safe with lots of food, a bed (built-in convenience), and access to a bathroom - plus lots of other stuck truckers for company! She'll be staying there overnight until the blizzard warning lifts and then, hopefully, someone will be out to get her truck out of the drifts! Prayers are welcome and appreciated!


  1. Hi!! Thanks for all the nice comments you left!!! We have the same weather as you, I think!! But I am not happy with snow.... Every car and trucks have winter weel, so it is not a big probelemfor us with snow. Guess whos coming to Oslo tomorrow!!? Mister President himselves!! It is police with guns!! everywhere, and this is a BIG happening!! They put "problem" people in prison, when he is here, when he leaves they let them out again.... They takes no...chances....Anne:-)

  2. Will pray for Michele to get out soon!

  3. i thought she had a regional route? what's she doing in wisconsin!?! i will definitly keep her in prayer. the thought of her driving through ny & pa in the winter was bad enough--to be out west with the weather they're having right now...bleh!

  4. That's funny, Anne! I just heard on the radio he was there & all was well! Funny that they put problem people in jail and then let them go the day after!

    Thanks for the prayers! She got unstuck late last night & they lifted the "do not drive" command at midnight so she was able to deliver her load this morning. And now she's on her way home! Yippee!!

    Kym, she is "regional" but that goes out to Wisconsin (where the company's headquarters are). She takes care of loads originating in the region mostly, but she'd likely not need to go further west than Wisconsin. Mostly she's NY, Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin, & Indiana, with a little PA & NJ for good measure.



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