Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transition from Parlor to Living Room: A Pictorial Review

As I think I mentioned before, part of our "make room for baby" plans involved creating a living room (a relaxed space to visit with friends, hang out as a family, watch Star Trek (and other things, I guess), read, and just veg. Since the baby's room is what was the workout room/den, we needed to get this room started so that we could get that room cleaned out. So, we began the transition from what we called our parlor (a place to sit and contemplate the cosmos with friends over copious amounts of tea) into a comfy, cozy, colorful living room. Here's how we're doing so far:
This is the room before. Yes, I forgot to take actual before pictures.
This is from Christmas, but ignore the pretty lady and take note of the
less than comfy yellow couch and ivory silk wallpaper.

Wallpaper gone!
Prepping and priming and priming and prepping!

And finally color! I've been waiting for the entire six years we've lived here
to have some color on these walls. Oh how I love this color.
Butterscotch - Low VOC Martha Stewart paints

And painting is complete! It's really hard to get accurate color
in these pictures, but Michele keeps saying "Oh, I want to eat
the walls. It looks just like butterscotch pudding!"

And a new rug! We love this rug so much - it coordinates SO
well with the colors of the room!

And the original sheers have been washed and returned to their place of glory.
I still need to make the accent drapery panels - it's on my incredibly long to-do list!

And then there was light! One lamp from the previous parlor and one claimed
from the dining room. The room is really coming together now!

And, of course, a room is never fully dressed without a cat!
Pollux had to be the first to check out the new room and new rug!
Now, we just patiently await the delivery of our comfy new couch and accent chair and ottoman. Just wait til you see what color those are! We put a big ole check mark beside "colorful" in the qualifications for our new living room!


  1. I love it already! the color is gorgeous, as is the rug and your accents :) I can't wait to see the furniture! Looks like you two are making great progress in the Make-Room-For-Baby area :)

  2. Oh how I wish my husband had even a fraction of your love of color! I totally had to compromise on the walls, but I'll make up for it in the accents :)

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  4. btw, where did you find the rug? it's totally awesome! :)

  5. Lisa: Thanks so much!! We both just walk by the room and stare in awe, we love it SO much! It's so warm and cozy!

    Kym: Thanks!! And yes, I am very lucky that Michele loves color too. If she had her way, though, every wall would be white, but if I suggest a color, she's totally willing to give it a try and hasn't been unhappy yet - well, the hot pink bathroom was a shocker to both of us, but we've grown to love it! :) And I got the rug at Home Depot. I went rug "shopping" while Michele was painting and brought home pics of 10 that would work and we picked this one together - can't believe how perfectly it coordinates with EVERYTHING, expecially the furniture, that will be her soon, and the two rugs in the rooms adjacent.



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