Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garden Volunteers

My friend, Anne, commented a few posts ago that I haven't mentioned my garden this season. She's very right and the reason is that I didn't put one in this year. I prepped my 4 square-foot boxes and had them ready and waiting and then six straight weeks of incredible morning sickness (lasting from the time I woke up til 4 pm, at least!) kept me from every planting anything. I was blessed by the garden fairy, however, with garden volunteers: tomato plants that just decided to plant and sow themselves from fruit that fell last year! We've had a wonderful crop of unexpected orange and red cherry tomatoes that we've enjoyed so much! I LOVE garden surprises like this!

A garden full of volunteer tomato plants! What could be better?!

Finding beautiful unexpected fruit is such a blessing!

Red and orange and simply delicious!


  1. Hi!! I did´t know that tomatoes was able to sow themselves!! And I can easely undestand that you did`t do gardening when you was sick..... But you grow a baby!! I loved to be pregnant and give birth..... and small babies. The smell, lucky you. I have to wait until my 3 girls will give me some grandchild in the future...... I can wait!:-) Take care, Anne:-)

  2. :) I was surprised that tomatoes would self-sow, too, Anne! Surprised and SO grateful! I think they taste even better when you didn't have to plant them yourself! :)

  3. First, annuals bloom profusely throughout the growing season. Secondly, many favorite annual flowers will self-sow and weave their way through your garden year after year. Only open pollinated and heirloom varieties of any plant will grow true from seed, meaning the seedlings will be exactly like the parent plants.



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