Monday, August 29, 2011

Operation: Making Room for Baby: Progress Report

Beautiful windows that
open and stay open
without the need
of props!
So wonderful!!
And much progress there is!! The transformation of our workout room/den into our baby's room has been really fun to watch. I'd like to say that I've been watching patiently, but it's been really hard for me since I haven't gotten to be involved in anything in that room up to this point, except a little pre-transition cleaning. But it's still all really exciting!!

Lovely windows
that tilt in for easy
cleaning! What a joy!

Today, Michele and her wonderful friend and coworker, Julio, installed beautiful new, energy-efficient windows. It was such a treat to come home to these gorgeous new, functional windows! Oh, so exciting!!

This week, Michele will be putting the final coats of paint on the room and the closet and then I get to get my hands in on it! I'll be laying the floor this weekend and installing shoe molding. And then I'll be hanging the window treatments and outfitting the closet with a closet organizational system, similar to what I installed throughout my studio. I imagine I'll finish the floor and molding this week and I'll start the closet system next week, but soon, very soon, the major work of our baby's room will be finished!! 
Our old, retired windows!
Thank you for your service!

AND we get our new living room furniture this week too!! It's a fun, fun week at the Wescott house!

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