Friday, June 4, 2010

A Good Account on the Court

Well, I survived yesterday's basketball bout and gave a good account* of myself on the court, if I do say so myself! Driving home, though, I felt like every bone in my body had been jarred loose from its moorings! I'm hobbling a little today, but I kept up with the guys yesterday, so what's a little pain, right? And, in case you're wondering, that's not sweat darkening my t-shirt - at least it's mostly not sweat - we played in the rain. Yes, that's right, in the rain. Being the only female, I had to represent and if the boys weren't stopping for a little rain, I couldn't either! Chad, who you may remember from football, threatened to invite me to play with them again - oy vey, I'll need to learn how to dribble, move, and shoot before then!

*Note: A "good account" in my book is not leaving the court without making a basket. I think I made at least two baskets, so I rocked!

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