Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Birds!!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am afraid of birds. By the way, there has not been a conclusion to the mystery of that feather. I was going to take it to a friend's for identification and it disappeared! Maybe Carol's comment to that blog post was correct:

You must have walked in on an angel and scared a feather off of it while it tried to leave quietly.

And the feather must have disappeared, as angel feathers do.

Anyway, as I've mentioned I am afraid of birds; however, I try to face that fear when I can. I attended a talk at work from a coworker who volunteers at a bird refuge. He brought in huge owls and other birds and I was in the same room (way at the back) and I was OK. Well, I once again decided to face my fears and went to visit my friend Casey - a bird lover extraordinaire. Now, I'd agreed to go to her house before I remembered that she has birds, but I didn't back out. She took me to visit the birds, nice and tidy in their cages and it wasn't bad at all. She asked if I'd like her to take one out and (I desperately wanted to say no) I said "Sure!" And it flapped and jumped and fluttered and totally freaked me out, but I maintained my composure and even touched its head! I was a big brave girl, however I still won't get out of my car if there are birds flocking in my backyard! It's the wild, untamed ones that will peck your eyes out!


  1. Did you watch too much Hitchcock at a young age? Although I do have to admit that the crows around here are fearless. I've had to brake and honk before they move out of the middle of the street. The cats don't even begin to scare them.

    On a separate bird-type youngest at about the tender age of 4 or 5 once referred to a group of birds on a telephone wire as "clunk of birds." Still makes us all laugh. Not really sure why we find it so funny but we do. And now I am rambling! Have a good bird-free day.

  2. lol, you could have said no! but nero would be glad to help you out any time, just let me know. really, birds are people too, they're incredibly smart and each have their own personalities. anyway, you did really well, and i was proud of you for petting nero :)



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