Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tip for the Week: Find a HandyPerson and Make Them Love You

Michele and I have always done a lot of projects around our house. They are usually initiated by me and go something like this:
Me: Hey, how about a little home improvement project? Let's lay a new floor in the kitchen this weekend.
Michele: Ohhhh, do we have to? I have the flu and don't really feel like it.
Me: Oh come on it will be easy.
Three days, 40 hours of labor, and one sheet of vinyl cut outside on a snowy driveway later:
Me: See, that wasn't so bad and the floor looks great!
Michele (from her sick bed because she really did have the flu): ARGHHHH! NO - MORE - "LITTLE" - PROJECTS!!

But, of course, there's always another little project and we always forget that any estimated project time needs to be doubled or tripled because our house is old and things just aren't always made the way the manual says they will be!

Anyway, since Michele has been on the road, I've still had hosts of little projects that I worked on for the first year, but, as I get busier with my shop and gardening, have really fallen by the wayside. My solution: hire a handywoman - and she is truly divine! Lisa, of Lisa Golden Enterprises, is so divine that she is going to come and take care of that pesky little composting problem I mentioned yesterday - and she's willing to do it while I'm gone, so when I get home from work it will be as though it never happened! It's the next best thing to a transporter! Now that's GOLDEN!

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