Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Creative Carrot-Centered Mission

As I mentioned in my last post I have a new mission. Either Mum, Deb, or Michele was brilliant and suggested this at the show. I happened to wander around to all the vendors looking at all their beautiful items and looking, without knowing I was looking, for carrots. By the end of the show, I'd harvested four beauties and one of the brilliant people named above suggested, "You should make it your mission to collect a carrot in EVERY medium!" And so that is my new goal. I thought I'd catalog the ones I have so far:

Photographic carrots: The Organic Carrot series by Chris Farnum - I actually bought the photo on the left at the food co-op, Deb gave us the photo in the middle, and I bought the photo on the right - the third in the series - from the artist herself at the show!

Felt carrots #1: Carroty Goodness family of carrot magnets by Happy Olive Designs - I commissioned these adorable magnets from my friend Sarah.
Felt carrot #2: Smilling carrot key chain by Beadwork by Amanda. This carrot I met and fell in love with at the show. Its purchase spurred the creation of the carrot below.
Needle-felted carrot: Impromptu Carrot by Peaches Products. When the lovely Casey saw how excited I was to find a carrot at her boothmate Amanda's booth she immediately reached for the fiber and started felting me a carrot. She promises to make me a forrest of them and I plan to hold her to that! The delivery of this carrot spurred the gifting of the carrot below.
Crocheted carrot: Impromptu gift carrot from Duncan Creative. When the divine Karen saw how excited I was when Casey delivered unto me my needle-felted carrot, she immediately gifted me this beautiful crocheted specimen.

Polymer clay carrot: You likely remember this gorgeous carrot crafted by Heavenly Creations (my big sis). Sometimes I just stare at it - it's such a beauty!
And now for ones that I did not buy/acquire from my favorite artisans: Ceramic carrots: I bought these during one of my mom's visits. We went to a little town with a little library and a little gift shop and found these adorable bunny/carrots (or barrots or carrunnies).
"Paper" carrot: this beauty was purchased on an anniversary trip to Skaneateles. Its made from a combination of raffia, wire, and papyrus and hangs from the ceiling in our kitchen. We (I) bought it in the morning and Michele wouldn't go back to the bed and breakfast, so I had to walk around with a three foot long carrot all day - I got some interesting looks! It was worth it, though!

Wooden carrot: This is my carrot surprise. I got this in Skaneateles, as well. I actually got two carrots and a parsnip. I decorated two small gift boxes and placed each carrot in its own box floating on a cloud of fiberfill. I haveone in my kitchen and one at work and whenever I feel down I give myself a smile by opening one - it works every time!
Rubber carrot: This handy kitchen carrot was a graduation gift from our friends Tina and Kathryn. They took us on a trip to Ithaca where we had amazing food at the Moosewood Restaurant and saw the gorges - the carrot vegetable peeler was the icing on the cake!
And now for a couple that I've made: Quilted carrots #1: Carrot Mat-a-tat-tat #1. This mat sits on my kitchen table and her sister mat, #2, graces my desk at work. So lovely. I made these from a pattern I found online, but I can't find the link. I will and I will let you know.
Quilted carrots #2: Heavenly Carrots. This quilt hangs in a place of honor in my dining room. I also made this from a pattern I found online - my very first paper piecing. I know the pattern was called Holy Carrots, but I can't find that one, either.
I've got a lot of media covered, but I can think of a few I'll be on the lookout for: painting, metalsmithed, knitted, rubber stamp (Oh, Jackbear!), glass, beadwork, hmmm, what else?


  1. Don't forget the 24-carat carrot! Your new mission sounds exciting indeed.

  2. Well just what every girl whats!!! You do have same interesting carrots indead but must agree with Deb the 24 caret ones are the best.

  3. Wow!! You realy care for carrots..... Have a nice weekend!! Anne:-)

  4. well, i'm glad i could bring you a little closer to your goal! i'll look for some lampwork carrot beads for your next necklace :)

  5. WOW is right. But I beg to differ about the 24 carat kind being the best carrot. I like the edible, sweet baby carrots best. The 24 carat kind loose their luster, fall out of their setting and get lost. Orangey carrots are much better. Now I will be seeing carrots everywhere!

  6. Awesome collection Michelle! You should try a carrot treasury.



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