Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Giddy Like a Child

My birthday is coming up and I am just giddy with excitement - just like I have been for the past 35 years and will hopefully be for the next 35! I've always adored my birthday - that one day a year that is solely mine(although I do share mine with my Uncle Logan and Clint Eastwood). A birthday is like a holiday just for you! Which is funny because my birthday often (about every seven years! LOL!) falls on a national holiday - Memorial Day - so it REALLY feels like it's my own personal holiday. I still remember so many fun birthdays:

  • My 9th birthday party when we play Red Rover and I ended up getting clotheslined and getting the wind knocked out of me and staining my birthday dress - it was still fun, though! Red Rover is such a great game!
  • My 10th birthday when I got a wallet and a purse for my new military ID card - boy did I love showing that off!
  • My 16th birthday party that my brother threw for me - such a sweet brother I have!
  • My 21st birthday that I celebrated at the roller rink - not drinking, since none of us drank
  • My 25th birthday for which all my coworkers gave me quarters since I was a quarter of a century
  • My 30th birthday that brought on an "Oh wow, how did I reach 30 without accomplishing any of my goals" crisis which led Michele and I to pick up and move to NY and buy a house
And now I approach my 35th birthday and am so excited to find out what this one holds for me! Whatever it is, I know it will be amazing, wonderful, full of life...and hopefully mouse-free!


  1. Yay! Our birthday is coming up!! :)

  2. Oh to be 35 again!!!! The years do go by so amazingly fast. Love the birthday stories! I'll have to remember the quarters for my boys....the oldest turned 22 yesterday! Happy Birthday Anticipation!

  3. Yay! Birthdays are awesome!

    Did I even mention that I love how lime green is one of your company colors? When I finally get to move into my own craft room there's going to be lime everywhere :)



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