Saturday, April 10, 2010


Michele's brother Tim is what I would consider a very trendy, with-it kinda guy. He's my brother's age (just older than me and just younger than Kym and Michele) and enjoys hanging out with his friends, drinking, fishing, and . . . mushrooming! I'd never heard of mushrooming, or mushroom hunting, before, but Tim was telling Michele that for the next few weeks he'll be pretty busy because it's fishing and mushroom season. When she relayed that information to me, I got so curious and immediately fired off a series of questions, some she couldn't answer and a few she could:
  • What is mushroom season? The time of the year folks go mushroom hunting.
  • Hunh? What is mushroom hunting? It's when you go out and pick mushrooms. I know lots of mushroomers. It's really popular in Mansfield [Ohio (where Tim lives & Michele and Tim grew up)].
  • Really? LOTS of mushroomers? What do they do with all those mushrooms. Eat them.
  • How many mushrooms do they gather? Do they eat them all? Do they gather them for a particular recipe? What kinds do they pick? Why? Do they sell them at a farmer's market? Who in the world goes mushroom hunting?
At this point Michele stopped even trying to answer my questions and promised to call Tim to find out everything I'd ever want to know about mushroom hunting. I don't know if it's because I don't particularly like mushrooms or what, but I've truly never heard of such a phenomena. I mean, I know that the ones in the grocery store are picked by people, but I had no idea that regular folks made an event of going out and picking mushrooms! I hope I never stopped being surprised with new and fascinating information!

Any mushroomers out there who'd like to educate me more?


  1. Only the cautionary note that you have to KNOW YOUR MUSHROOMS!!! Many are poisonous, deadly so. Of course, some are hallucinogenic. Maybe it's just California wild mushrooms that are a problem. Every year there are news stories about people from other countries who regularly di this in their home country gathering then eating wild mushrooms here in CA and dying 'cause what looked like the harmless mushroom in their home country was poisonous. Carrots are safer. I'll shut up now.

  2. Hi Michelle!! Here in Norway we also hunt mushrooms!! But in the late summer, and in the fall.But we`ve also had 4 months with snow. But be careful if you are going out to pick. There are so many POISONOUS mushrooms kind. I`m just picking chanterelles. If you want to learn, go with somebody who knows.... Or pick in the store!! Greetings AnneK:-)



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