Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homecoming and Giveaway

Last night, the microwave came home . . . and so did Michele! What a great night! OK, yes, I know that microwaves are not true necessities, but I hadn't realized how much I depended on mine until it went out on the road with Michele. It's funny how I don't realize how dependent I am until that big red truck drives away!

There is one other thing I am dependent on and that is all of you lovely folks entering my giveaway! I'd love to surpass the entries that I got on my last giveaway (105), but, sadly, entries aren't forthcoming (though for the 13 current entries the odds of winning are REALLY good!) And, don't tell anyone, but as a team, we decided only US & Canada entries, but I really love my Australian and Norwegian followers (you all know who you are!) so enter away! I've also thrown out a challenge: if I get at least 150 entries, I'll offer up a second goodie, so please enter and blog this giveaway around! Thanks everyone!!


  1. I can't believe that there are only 13 entries? Well, that does mean that my chances of winning another of your amazing creations is good :)

    My microwave died 2 weeks ago. There happened to be another brand new one in a box in the basement (belongs to son 1, but he's not using it) so it is now in my kitchen!

  2. Hi!! I was a bit slow, but I entered the giveaway now!! My microwaveowen died a year ago, and I miss it!!!:-( But a can`t deside to by a new one.... So maybe I don`t realy need it.... Have a grat day!! AnneK:-)



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