Monday, November 9, 2009

Crazy Busy

Wow, suddenly life as a shop owner is spiralling into insanity! The holidays are a busy time for me normally, but as a shop owner, it's getting really crazy. I'm loving it, though! It's so much fun to connect with other sellers and buyers, but my favorite part, of course, is making things I love and packaging them up for someone else who loved them enough to buy them! What an awesome feeling! And soon, I'm really stepping out there and will be doing a show! My first show will be December 13th here in Rochester: The RNEST Winter Fest! My local Etsy team has arranged it, so I figure I'll be surrounded by friends and that will be a good place to get my feet wet! So, I am crazily making loads of beautiful things because, in addition to the show, several other fabulous artists and I are having a Holiday Open House in our Etsy shops and I'm trying to get stocked up for that, plus I have my own Christmas gifts to make, plus I need to get my Pay It Forwards done and sent by the end of the year! So the next two months will be pretty crazy, but I can't complain: I'm doing what I love!


  1. OOOOOO!!! I wish I could get to Rochester for your show! That would be COOL! Well, actually, cold, which my CA blood couldn't handle. Good luck with both the open house and the show.

  2. Oh Michelle...Don't talk about PIF's just yet. I could send just anything but want to do something special so after Christmas is planned for Stitchin' Time, then my 3 people can expect their letter box to deliver.

  3. Hi!! Lucky you!! It must be fun!!Whish Oslo was a bit closer to NY state!! I wisited NY city 3 years ago, and I loved it!!! AnneK:-)

  4. i would love to come to yor show, but i'll be sending positive energy your way. but i could send the kids to keep you company :)

    i was starting to get worried about you since you hadn't blogged in DAYS!! :)

  5. I've been meaning to tell you this, but you are one productive lady! I can't do half of what you do in a week. My hat's off to you! :)



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